FORT WORTH, TEXAS, January 25, 2016 – On December 12, 2015, Norbert White, President/CEO of Samaritan House entered into a contract with OrgCode Consulting to facilitate a feasibility study investigating the affordable housing needs in Tarrant County with special attention focused on homelessness, people with disabilities and people living with HIV/AIDS. Samaritan House will use economic and demographic data obtained by OrgCode to shape its housing and service plans for the future.

About OrgCode
OrgCode Consulting works with non-profits, government, private entities and non-governmental organizations. OrgCode excels in strategy, planning, training, research, community engagement, and positive social change.

About Carl B. and Florence E. King Foundation
Carl B. and Florence E. King started the Foundation that bears their names in 1966. Established by gifts from Mr. and Mrs. King , as well as a later bequest from their daughter, Dorothy, the Foundation has now grown to more than $75 million in assets. The Foundation distributes more than $2 million per year to charities serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area, 38 counties in West Texas, and 32 counties in Arkansas.

About Samaritan House
As the only organization of its kind in Tarrant County, Samaritan House operates with the mission to create a supportive community providing housing and resources for positive change in the lives of persons living HIV/AIDS, homelessness, and disabilities. Through the support of the community, Samaritan House change lives, offer hope, and improve the future of men, women, and children who seek refuge at our facilities. Our services are vital to Fort Worth and surrounding communities as we transition individuals and families from homelessness to hope and independence.Contact: Norbert White, President/CEO

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