Volunteer Opportunities at Samaritan House

Supper Clubs

At present Samaritan House has over 35 Supper Clubs: church groups and groups of friends, neighbors and businesses provide the evening meal for residents once a month. Each group “owns” a specific day of the month; on that day they bring food, prepare it, serve it and clean up afterwards. It’s fun for residents and volunteers alike, and greatly appreciated by those who live at Samaritan House. We also need substitute groups who will fill in occasionally. It’s also possible to share the date with another group.


A dedicated group of Master Gardeners supervises maintenance of the Samaritan House flower and organic vegetable gardens. Additional groups and individuals are welcome to share the work or to do special projects such as building flower beds, or you can adopt a part of the grounds or gardens. School groups sometimes help with weeding, planting or construction projects.

Resident Activities

Putting on an activity such as a game night, movie night or helping with an outing are fun ways to volunteer. Your group can also sponsor a party or other event for residents. Or perhaps you have a musical talent you would like to share or are part of a choir that would like to perform.

Facility Maintenance

Groups of adults or students can assist with readying units for a new occupant or keeping our buildings in excellent condition. We always appreciate professionals who volunteer to be on call for plumbing, electrical and HVAC problems.

Beauty Days

For those who can’t afford a trip to the hairdresser or barber, the chance to get a good haircut or makeup advice can be a tremendous boost to self-esteem. If your salon would like to donate a day of beauty care, we can guarantee you’ll be kept busy.

Groups of Young People

Many schools, colleges and churches recognize the need for teaching students and parishioners that community service is of value both to the recipients and to those who volunteer. We can help you design a rewarding experience for your school or church group.


Our literacy programs provides a range of learning opportunities – GED prep, ESL and helping children and adults with improving reading, math, science and writing skills.

Children’s Events

Help organize fun outings, host and decorate for special seasonal parties, or provide additional adult supervision for special events and holiday parties.

Special Classes or Workshops

Share your expertise with our residents by offering a one-time workshop or an on-going class. Past offerings have ranged from arts and crafts classes, budgeting workshops and exercise classes.

The Garden at Samaritan House Helping Residents at Samaritan House Tutor Programs