The mission of Samaritan House is to create a supportive community providing housing and resources for positive change in the lives of persons living with HIV/AIDS and other special needs.


Samaritan House was established in 1991 to provide housing to persons living with HIV/AIDS. At the time, AIDS was a terminal diagnosis, requiring intensive medical care and support during residents’ final days. With advances in medical care, life expectancies grew and Samaritan House realigned its mission to help clients establish goals, improve life skills, and work toward self-sufficiency.

Today, Samaritan House provides supportive housing to individuals and families who are impacted by major health issues such as HIV/AIDS and who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. Along with housing services, our residents participate in case management services, drug and alcohol abuse/dependency intervention, educational and employment assistance, and life skills training. Our comprehensive services open doors to hope and provide opportunities for independent, fulfilling lifestyles. Some of our residents continue their education, others obtain employment, and many begin contributing to the community through volunteer services.

Villages At Samaritan House